Thursday, October 3, 2013

Welcome to the 2013-2014 Music Blizzard Bag!

Dear Students,

Find your work for the day using the tabs above; click on your grade level.  For Kindergarten to 4th grade, if this is your first time missing music class on a Blizzard Bag Day, you should complete the activities for "Day 1."  If this is your second time missing music class on a Blizzard Bag Day, you will have already done the Day 1 activities and should do the activities for "Day 2."  5th and 6th graders, be sure to read the special directions at the top of your page.

Band members, instrumental lesson students, and chorus members should click on their tabs if it is a band, instrument lesson (click the band tab), or chorus day.

iPad and other mobile device users: Please click on the tab above called "iPad/Mobile Device Users" and take a moment to read the notice I posted there.  Otherwise, you/your child may experience difficulties loading/playing the online musical sites and games I've posted throughout this blizzard bag blog.  It is easiest to use a computer instead of a mobile device.

I will be online to answer questions in "real time" from 8:00-9:00am, and again from 12:30-2:30pm.  You can leave questions in the comment box at the bottom of any page, or we can chat using Google Chat.  If you have a question during a time I'm not online, feel free to leave your question here for me and I will answer it as soon as I get online again.  You can also email me directly (and more privately) at


Mrs. Johnson

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Blizzard Bag Day 2 to everyone!

Since it is another Friday, most all of you will be doing the Day 2 activities today.  When you click on the tab for your grade level, the Day 1 activities will still be at the top of the page, but if you scroll down a ways (past the Day 1 activities), you will find the activity for Day 2.  As always, I'm available from 8-9 this morning, and I'll be online again from 12:30-2:30.  I'll plan to promptly answer any comments you leave during these times, or you can start a google chat with me if you log into your gmail account.  At ANY time, feel free to leave questions/comments here on the blog or send me an email (, and I'll answer them at the above times or when I'm able.  Good luck, and enjoy the snow!

Mrs. Johnson

P.S. If any of you will be accessing one of the musical websites as part of your assignment, remember to use a COMPUTER, instead of an I-pad or other mobile device.  Tablets and mobile devices have had trouble loading the listening components on those pages.  Remember that there is always a paper version if you run into too many technical difficulties. ;-)