1st Grade

Day 1

Find 2 objects that make noise, but are not breakable.  You could try things like boxes of pasta or other food, a box of items, anything that rattles, a pot and a wooden spoon, a water bottle with water in it... use your imagination!

Object #1 =
Object #2 =
While reading the pattern below, play object #1 one time for each of the smiley-faces and object #2 one time for each of the hearts.  Be sure to say "1, 2, ready, go!" before you start!  Do it several times until you can play it really well.  If you would like, choose new objects and play it again!


Day 2

Practice singing your favorite song you have learned from music class or your 1st grade classroom.
Sing it for someone else.
Write the name of the song on the paper in your blizzard bag (or a blank piece of paper) and then draw me a picture of what happens in the song.


If you have power and internet today, feel free to explore the website below INSTEAD of doing the favorite song activity above.  Just click on all the pictures and see what kind of music they make!  Spend at least 10 minutes exploring the site, and then draw me a picture of your favorite part!  Be sure to put your name and class on your drawing.

Tigga and Togga

Just click around and you'll have a BLAST on this fun musical site!  Play in a clock, the kitchen, underwater, on a farm, in the Ol' West, and in your own backyard!

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