4th Grade

Day 1

Practice your recorder for 15 minutes today.  If you do NOT have your recorder today, complete the 2 worksheets (Bag Note Quiz and BAG Review) attached to the back of your Day 1 instruction page in your blizzard bag.

Remember to use the 5-Step Method to Learning/Practicing a Song:
1. Count the RHYTHMS.
2. Read the LETTERS out loud while still counting.
3. Read the LETTERS out loud AND MOVE YOUR FINGERS (while still counting).
4. PLAY it through.
5. PLAY IT AGAIN and hear it improve some more!

Make sure you finish practicing by playing a song you love to play! :)

After you're done, please answer the following questions on the Day 1 practice page in your blizzard bag:

1. Which songs did you practice today?  Write down the titles and page numbers.
2. Which song was the most difficult to play?  Which song was the easiest to play?

Day 2

You will get a chance to watch and evaluate a few videos of students just like you playing the recorder!  Please click HERE for a list of videos to watch.

You need to choose 2 videos from the list to evaluate.  They must be videos of students playing the recorder.  (There are a few at the bottom of the list that do not feature the recorder; feel free to watch them if you want, but you cannot critique those videos for this assignment.)

After you have viewed both videos, please answer the following questions on the Day 2 page in your blizzard bag:

1. Write down the titles of both videos you watched.

          Video #1: _________________________________________________

          Video #2: _________________________________________________
2. Which performance did you like better and WHY??

3. How are the videos the same?  How are the videos different?

4. Pretend you are a music teacher.  Choose one of the videos.  What advice would you give to the recorder students to help them improve their performance?  If nothing, what was great about the performance?

**If you don't have power or internet today (and therefore cannot complete this assignment), please complete the "Football Finger Man" Spell-a-story worksheet printed on the back of the Day 2 instruction page in your blizzard bag OR you may complete either of the Day 1 activities (practicing or worksheets) if you have not already done so.


If you DO have power and internet today, you can try one or more of the music note-reading websites below INSTEAD of doing one of the activities above!  If you choose to do this, you must spend 20 minutes on this activity.  Don't forget that you will need to have your computer speakers turned on!  As you play, please follow these directions:

1. Write down the names of the game(s) you choose to play
2. Write down your scores for each activity/game as you finish them.
3. If you played more than one game, tell me which one was your favorite AND why you liked it more than the others.  If you only played one game, please tell me whether or not you liked it, and why.

Write down your answers on a piece of paper, or if you'd like, you can submit this information to me in a Google doc.  If you choose to write them on paper, please don't forget to put your name, class, and today's date at the top.

Note Name Game

Drag the letters under the notes to spell words.


This activity is designed to help students recognize music notes as they appear on the treble clef.  "Whack" the correct notes with the computer mouse cursor.

Treble Clef Words

Treble Clef Word Warrior

Treble Note Story

Note Trainers (Musictheory.net)Try out these custom note trainers:

  • Level 4 - 1st-line E to 5th-line F

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