3rd Grade

Day 1

Spend 15 minutes exploring the website Sphinxkids.org.  You will need to have your computer speakers turned on!  Feel free to explore the entire site on your own, but if you're not sure where to start, some interesting features you might want to check out (with more direct links) are:

- The Music Match Instruments game
- The Music Match Composers game
- The Rhythm Band activity
- The Composers Gallery
- The Instrument Storage Room

Afterward, on the Day 1 instruction page in your blizzard bag, please write 3 complete sentences about 3 things that you learned, liked, or found interesting about this website.

** If you don't have power or internet today (and therefore can't explore the sphinxkids website):  Write a piggy-back song!  A piggy-back song is a song you already know, but with new lyrics/words.  For example, the song you learned last year called "I've Been Working On The Railroad" could become a piggy-back song called "I've Been Cleaning Up My Bedroom."  Change all the lyrics to create your new piggy-back song and write it on the page in your blizzard bag.  ANY SONG could be a piggy-back song, but if you're having trouble thinking of a song to get started with, try a simple one from the list below:

- Old MacDonald Had a Farm
- Happy Birthday
- Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
- Mary Had a Little Lamb
- Frere Jacques
- The Bear Went Over the Mountain
- My Country Tis of Thee

Make sure to tell me which song you chose to piggy-back!

Day 2

Compose your own sound song!  Find the composition page in your blizzard bag on the back of the Day 2 instruction page (click here to see what it looks like or print your own/another one).

Come up with a title for your song, and write it on the line at the top of the page that says "Title."

Write your name on the line that says "By."

Now think of different sounds you can make with your body (like stomping, clapping, snapping, clicking tongue, etc.)

Choose 6 sounds you can make (if you can't snap your fingers, don't pick snapping!) and write them on the 6 lines under the words "Sounds/Symbols."  Then choose 6 symbols/shapes, and write a different symbol or shape next to each sound (for example, a star, smiley, x, heart, etc.).

Using the symbols you chose, place one symbol in each of the squares on the grid.  Use each symbol at least once.

You have now composed a unique piece of music!  Play and perform your sound song!


If you have power and internet today, feel free to explore the website below INSTEAD of doing one of your regular activities above!  Don't forget that you will need to have your computer speakers turned on!  Remember that we spent some time learning about the opera Hansel & Gretel back in the fall.  Listen carefully, enjoy interacting with each scene, and I hope you also learn about different music jobs!  Afterward, take a spare sheet of paper and please write 3 complete sentences about 3 things that you learned, liked, or found interesting about this website.  Be sure to write your name, date, and class at the top of the page.  

Hansel & Gretel - Learning about Opera!

Design your own Opera!  You can interact with different elements of the show in each scene.  Have a blast while learning about different music careers!

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