Hi Chorus Folks!

Unfortunately for both you AND me, we're missing a chorus rehearsal today...

It's difficult to really "make up" a chorus rehearsal in this format.  Depending when our Blizzard Bag day actually occurs, you may or may not be able to practice your chorus songs at home today.  As we approach concert time, you know that I typically send home a lyric sheet for you to practice with in preparation for the concert.  If you have received your lyric sheet by this point, go ahead and practice a few (or all!) of your chorus songs today!!  You can also use the link to the practice guide below.  On the practice guide, you can usually find a link to print a new lyric sheet if you need one, and links to be able to listen to and sing along with each of the songs we've been working on.  If you're able to practice, be sure to write down the songs you worked on today so I can give you some extra credit for "participating" in chorus today!

If this Blizzard Bag Day is occurring well before Thanksgiving break or after New Year's Day, you may not have a lyric sheet to practice with.  In that case, you can work from memory (do you remember any of the songs off the top of your head?), sing along with the recordings in the practice guide, or you have permission to "take the day off" from chorus.  :)


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