2nd Grade

Day 1

MAKE YOUR OWN SHAKER AND DRUM INSTRUMENTS!  Be creative - there are lots of things you can use to make your instruments.

FOR YOUR SHAKER INSTRUMENT:  You will need something for the shaker itself (the outside part) and items to fill it with to make it "shake."  You may also need something to close off any open ends of the shaker.  Think about using plastic cups, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, empty bottles/cans, tupperware containers... you could even raid your recycling bin (with Mom's or Dad's or babysitter's permission, of course)!  Fill your shaker with items like paper clips, coins, dry rice, dry cereal, dry pasta, marbles... almost anything!

FOR YOUR DRUM INSTRUMENT:  You will need something round or boxed-shaped, and probably open on one end/side.  Almost anything could be a drum: a bowl, a pot, a tupperware container, a plastic bin, a cardboard box... just turn it upside down and play it like a drum!  If you want to make it into a "fancy" drum with a drum head, you will need some paper or plastic-wrap and a rubber band or some tape to hold your "drum head" onto the body of the drum.  You also may want to find a drum stick of some sorts, which could be something like the eraser-end of a pencil, a wooden/plastic spoon, or a pen or marker (with the caps on, of course!).

Once you have made your instruments, it's time to play them!  Reading the pictures below, play your drum once for each of the smiley-faces  and your shaker once for each of the hearts .  Be sure to say "One, Two, Ready, Go!" before you start!


Now, tell me about your instruments!

I made my drum  out of _________________________________________________.

I made my shaker  out of _________________________________________________.

Day 2

Find the "Word Wheel" worksheet on the back of your Day 2 instruction page in your Blizzard Bag.  Follow the directions at the top of the worksheet to discover the last name of a famous composer.

Once you have figured out who the composer is, listen to the two videos below.  While you are listening, answer the following questions on the Day 2 instruction page in your blizzard bag:

1) What instrument is being played?
2) Try patting the beat in your lap during each video. Is the music moving fast, medium, or slow?



**If you do not have internet access or cannot access the listening examples:  Using crayons, please color the pictures of this composer and his instrument that are attached to your Day 2 instruction page in your blizzard bag.  (If you were able to listen to the listening examples, you do not need to color unless you want to!)


If you have power and internet today, feel free to explore the various musical games on the website below INSTEAD of doing one of the activities above.  Spend at least 10 minutes playing the games, and then draw me a picture of your favorite game you played!  Be sure to put your name and class on your drawing.

Little Einsteins Musical Games

Enjoy playing all sorts of musical games with Leo, Quincy, Annie, and June!

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