5th and 6th Grades

Dear 5th and 6th Graders,

     You have several options to choose from for your Day 1 and Day 2 Music Class Blizzard Bag.  You must complete one of the options for each Blizzard Bag Day (BBD), so if today is BBD #1, you must complete one option.  If today is your second Music Class BBD, you must complete a DIFFERENT option than you did for BBD #1 (in other words, you can't do the same activity twice).  Good luck!

Option 1

Surfin' SFS...for Kids

Explore The San Francisco Symphony for Kids website for 15 minutes.  You will need to have your computer speakers turned on!  Feel free to explore the entire site at your leisure, but if you're not sure where to start, some interesting features you might want to check out (and with more direct links) are:

 - the Instruments of the Orchestra page,
 - the Radio feature (and don't forget to check out the clips in several of the 6 channels - I personally recommend not missing channels 2 and 3!),
 - and you may want to play around with the different aspects of how music is composed on the Music Lab page.

After you're finished, please write 5 complete, thoughtful sentences about things you learned, liked, or found interesting about this website on the Option 1 instruction page included in your blizzard bag.

Option 2

Football, Anyone?

Read the three short biography paragraphs of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven on the back of the Option 2 instruction page in your blizzard bag (or find an electronic version here).

Attached to the biography page, you will find the football worksheet entitled "It's Up...It's Good".  Using what you read on the biography page, complete this worksheet by connecting each football to the correct composer's goalposts (you could draw lines between the footballs and goalposts, or perhaps use 3 different colored crayons/colored pencils and color each composer's goalposts and footballs a specific color).  Which composer scored the most field goals??

Option 3

Musical Letters, Percussion, and a Circus; Oh My!

Complete both the "Name That Percussion" AND "Can You Picture That?" worksheets attached to the Option 3 instruction page in your blizzard bag.

The "Name That Percussion" worksheet is just like the musical "puzzles" you created back in September with your summer activity and your name.  Place the missing musical letters on the staff.  When placing the notes on the staff, remember the 'golden rule:'  No matter what, we always go UP!!!

The "Can You Picture That?" worksheet asks you to name all the numbered letters on the staff at the top of the page, and then use those numbered letters to complete the story.  **Huge hint alert!!**  Don't forget about those "odd duckies" down below the bottom of the staff; remember that they are rain drops.  One is still "dripping" and the other has been "caught" by the ground.  :)

Option 4

Can You Handel It?

Read the short biography paragraph of George Frideric Handel printed on the Option 4 instruction page in your blizzard bag (or find an electronic version here).  Using what you read in his biography, complete the "Happy Birthday, Handel!" Crossword Puzzle printed on the back of the Option 4 instruction page in your blizzard bag.  As a bonus, you can listen to a performance of the "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Oratorio, Messiah, below.

Have you heard this piece before?  If yes, do you remember where you have heard it before?

Option 5

Vacation to an Island... of Tune!

Explore the Isle of Tune website for at least 15 minutes.***
*** This program should run for free on a COMPUTER. There *is* a newly-relased app version for iPad, but I believe it costs money to download that app. Unless your family doesn’t mind you purchasing the app, I suggest you do this activity only with a computer, and not on a mobile device.

Isle of Tune

Create your own music while creating your own community!  Use trees, plants, houses, street lights, and cars to create a fun and musical neighborhood!

You will need to have your computer speakers turned on! To get started, press the “Play” button in the bottom right corner of the opening page.
Unless you’re real adventurous, I suggest you start by clicking the “View Islands: Browse All Shared Tunes.”  Select any one of the “Islands” on the list (and they’re always changing as people share new ones) and see what it sounds like.  If you want to hear a different one while you have one open, go back to the blue box at the top center that says, “View Shared Islands,” and you’ll get back to the list.
Once you’re ready to try setting up your own neighborhood, either 1) click on “New” at the bottom-right corner of the screen (if you’re still looking at a shared island), or if you have gone back to the opening screen, click on “Create island: Start with empty space.”
Name your island at the top of the screen by clicking on it and typing in whatever name you like.
Then, put down some road, and add houses, trees, flowers, light posts, etc. by using the different buttons at the bottom of the screen.  After you insert an item, click on it to adjust the pitch/sound to your liking.  Doing this will also change the picture slightly (i.e. houses with different colored roofs, different types of flowers and trees).
Once you’ve put in some houses, trees, flowers, and lights, then add cars around the neighborhood and click the green “GO” button in the bottom left of the screen to hear your composition!
Play around with it for a while, and when you’re happy with your composition or you’ve reached the 15-minute minimum time block, please answer the following questions using the lines on the back of the Option 5 instruction page in your Blizzard Bag or send your answers to me in a Google doc.

1.     If you viewed some other shared islands before starting your own, what did you like about those shared islands? Was there anything you didn’t like? OR, if you started your own island right away, what was the hardest part about getting started on your own?

2.     Which item (houses, trees, flowers, or lights) was your favorite to work with?

3.     As you explored and built your island, describe your building plan in at least 3 sentences.  Were you most concerned with the shape of the road, the placement of items or cars, or the adjustments to each item? What was most important to you as you built your neighborhood?

4.     Were you happy with how your composition turned out? What might you try differently next time?


  1. hi and i am tegan for bizerbag day 2 i do not have my paper for day 2

    1. Hi Tegan, Remember that you had a whole packet of options that were for Day 1 AND Day 2. Today, you just need to do a different option than you did last time. If you're missing your packet at this point, you can print off any of the worksheets using the links above or submit written responses for Options 1 & 5 using Google Docs or email.

  2. Hi mrs. Johnson this is haylie mata I have a problem I tried to go on your sites for the blizzard bag when ever I go on them the page becomes blank and I can't find my blizzard bag what should I do?

    1. Hi Haylie, Which site? Are you on a mobile device (phone, iPad, tablet, etc.)? See my note on this blog about mobile devices. Which option did you want to do today?