iPad/Mobile Device Users

If you are trying to access some of the online content on this blizzard bag site with an iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle, or other mobile device, you might be experiencing problems with websites not loading/working properly.  Many of the musical websites I've included in this blizzard bag require Flash Player in order to run properly.  Most computers already have Flash Player and it's never an issue.  However, Flash Player isn't automatically installed as a part of your internet browser on your mobile devices, which is why the websites likely aren't loading/playing for you.

I recently learned of an app you can download that is an internet browser for mobile devices that has Flash Player already built-in!  It's called PHOTON, and below are links to the download for iPads and Android devices.  Hope this works!

iPads:  Photon Flash Player for iPad (Cost is $4.99)

Android devices:  Photon Flash Player & Browser (Free?? Cost unknown...)

I would love to hear if this clears up the problem; let me know!  And remember, computers usually already have Flash Player installed (for free), so using a computer might just be easier!  Or when all else fails, there is always the paper activities!  Good luck!

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