Band/Instrument Lessons

Hi Band Folks!

Unfortunately for both you AND me, we're missing a band rehearsal today...  Or perhaps you are missing your lesson today...  Or both...

For those of you who are connected to Skype and have your parents' permission, feel free to Skype with me during my blizzard bag "office hours" (online hours: 8-9, 12:30-2:30) and we could have a quick, "virtual" lesson or practice session!  My school Skype name is kristinjohnsongwrsd (my full name and gwrsd, our district's initials).  Please include your name (first and last) in your contact request, as I likely won't recognize your Skype name without some help!  Thanks.

Otherwise, it's pretty difficult to really "make up" a band rehearsal or an instrument lesson in this format, but I hope that, instead, you will at least be able to practice your instrument (and some of your band pieces if you have them) for 15 minutes today and fill out the enclosed Blizzard Bag Practice Sheet.

Now DON'T WORRY if your instrument is currently sitting at school!  Like any other assignment in this blizzard bag, you have the next 2 days to make up any assignments you are unable to complete today.  If you complete those assignments (like practicing your instrument and filling out the practice sheet) in the next 2 days, the assignment and time you spent still count toward today's Blizzard Bag.  So if you don't have your instrument, simply practice your instrument for 15 minutes and fill out the practice sheet sometime in the next 2 days.

Here's a copy of the practice sheet for you to print yourself, or you can use one of the already-printed ones in your Blizzard Bag.

Happy Practicing!

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