Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21... Our first BBD?!?

Good Morning, Everyone!

Though we knew this could happen today, I was still a bit surprised at the last-minute upgrade from a 2-hour delay to a full day off and a Blizzard Bag Day (BBD)!

School-wise, I'm awfully bummed this means we're losing another Monday afternoon band AND chorus rehearsal.  Band students should make an effort to practice their instruments today (and fill in the quick sheet in your BB), and chorus students, I have managed to get all of our audio examples uploaded to the Chorus Practice Guide page.  The lyric sheet isn't ready yet, but at least you can listen today!  The good news is that 4 of 5 are full recordings - woot!

I can be reached on Skype today (during my "office" hours, and other times if you manage to catch me!) at my school Skype name kristinjohnsongwrsd.  If requesting to chat on Skype, please identify yourself by your full name in your chat request so I know who "cutiepie18" (etc.) is!  Also, please be sure to have your parent's permission to use Skype, ok?

Full directions for today's Blizzard Bag assignments, etc. are located in the post right below this one.  Have a good day everyone!  I'm looking forward to seeing your work!

Mrs. Johnson

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